Teach Students Whole Body Communication and Increased Confidence With A Do Or Die Workshop

Our Workshops…

  • Hone body awareness
  • Fosters positive conflict resolution
  • Sharpen communication skills
  • Build confidence and self esteem
  • Are tailored to meet specific educational goals

The workshops are active, engaging, and create a fun learning environment for the students. Students learn about whole body communication and conflict resolution in a positive, fun and lively atmosphere.

These are the three main classes we teach at a Do or Die School Workshop:

Sound Motion And Connection –
The Basics of Situational Improv

Workshops are based on the SMaC principle of communication. All communication is broken down into three basic elements – sound, motion and connection. Sound is what we say, and is most heavily relied on in communication.

Motion relates to our body language and awareness of how others perceive it. Connection is about using both body and voice to accurately convey meaning. Connection also relates to understanding and respecting the personal space and comfort level of others.

Finding The Funny

Humor is an important factor in communication. It alleviates fear and creates a positive connection. But what makes a joke funny? It’s more than words. Using the SMaC principles, participants learn to be comfortable adding comedy to public speaking and day to day interactions.

Fundamentals of Comedy

Comedy is, to a large extent, an innate talent for making people laugh. But, there are identifiable elements of rhythm, exaggeration of circumstances and surprise that can be learned and utilized in day to day communication.

Does This Sound Like Your Students?

  • Middle, High school and College students in performing arts.
  • Middle, High school and College students who have an interest in public speaking or debate.
  • Non-performing arts students of all ages, looking to build self-esteem, communication skills, and body awareness.

If so, then a Do Or Die Workshop may be right for your school!

How much does it cost?

Workshops are available in a basic, two hour format, which starts at $600, and varies depending on groups size and goals. There is also a four to six week class available, starting at $1200. Prices for the class vary depending on class size and duration. Please give us a call at (443) 422-3810 for an exact quote.