How long are shows?

Murder Mystery – Approximately 90 minutes with no intermission
Poe – Approximately One hour 45 minutes, includes one 15 minute intermission

What should I wear?

Both shows: Some people are celebrating a special event, and come dressed to kill. Others are out for an evening of fun, and dress casually. You should wear clothing. Nudity is frowned upon.

How often do you have shows?

Murder Mystery – 2nd and 3rd Monday of every month at Hellas Restaurant in Millersville, MD. Check website, as we will are always adding additional shows/venues.
Poe – Currently is only performed in October and January at Hellas Restaurant.  Watch for updates, as we are looking for a permanent location for this show.  So, you should check our website frequently and obsessively, to see if we’ve added new venues or shows.

If we have a large party can we be seated together?

Absolutely. If guests are purchasing tickets separately, email the list of guests to our contact link and we will be sure to seat everyone together.  Please call the box office for details.  If you have that one person that you had to invite, but you don’t really enjoy their company, we will be happy to create an error and accidentally seat them at the opposite end of the room.

What are the food options?

Food options vary from venue to venue, but are listed in the description section of the calendar. Call or email with any questions. Dietary restrictions can be accommodated at all venues with advance notice. Sorry, we cannot accommodate dietary restrictions involving cannibalism, or the consumption of insects or live animals.

If I purchase ticket can I purchase more tickets?

Subject to availability, absolutely. For regular tickets, just email the names on the additional tickets so we can seat everyone together. For additional group tickets, you need to call the box office. You can even add imaginary friends at no charge. We cannot accommodate dietary restrictions for imaginary meals served to imaginary friends.

What do I need to bring to the show?

A sense of humor and one green m & m wrapped in a snotty Kleenex. Please do not bring explosives. It makes the actors nervous.

When should I arrive?

Check in is always half an hour before the meal. For the Hellas Restaurant location, check in starts at 6:30 pm…so, if you are OCD please arrive EXACTLY at 6:30 pm. If you are not, any time between 6:00 and 6:30 is fine.

How do I print my ticket?

Tickets are emailed and can be printed on any printer. We can also mail the tickets. It is not strictly necessary to bring a paper ticket, as we have an electronic record of all purchases. So, if you forget your tickets at home or you are unable to print the ticket – no worries. Just present yourself at the box office and say “tickets…we don’t need no stinkin’ tickets.”

Can I show my ticket on my cellphone?

Absolutely. You can even give us your cell phone, if you want to.

Are children allowed?

Each child is different. Our general guidelines advise PG13. Particularly with the murder mystery, there can be some more mature themes. Please feel free to call the box office to discuss whether the show is appropriate for your child. Generally the shows do contain some sexual innuendo. If your child catches on – we didn’t teach it to them.

Can I bring an infant to the show?


I didn’t receive a confirmation e-mail for my ticket. What should I do?

Panic. Scream….Run around in circles tearing your hair out….then, please call or email the box office to make sure your order processed correctly. We can always re-send the tickets. If you have simply forgotten the ticket, or you were unable to print it out at the last minute, do not worry. We have an electronic copy of all purchases onsite.

Are tickets refundable?

Ticket purchases are not refundable, however, if an unforeseen emergency arises, they can be transferred to another show date (subject to availability).

We are celebrating a birthday. Can we bring a cake?

Unfortunately, due to numerous food fights in the past, cakes are officially prohibited.

When should we purchase tickets?

Shows at the Sunset Restaurant tend to sell out 4-6 weeks in advance.  There is a waiting list for sold out shows, but we advise that tickets be purchased about a month in advance, and we do add new show dates for shows sold out 6-8 weeks in advance.

I want to propose to my partner at the show. Can I do that?

Absolutely. Contact us in advance, and we will even work it into the show. We are not responsible for any consequences if you are rejected.

I have dietary restrictions. Can I get a special meal?

Absolutely – but we need advance notice. Just let us know by email or calling the box office and we will arrange for a special meal. Sorry, we cannot accommodate dietary restrictions involving cannibalism, consumption of insects or live animals.

Do I get to choose the victim?

No. That’s illegal.

Can we buy tickets at the door?

Sorry, advanced ticket purchase only.

Is wax digestible?

This isn’t really a FAQ, but we at Do or Die are proud that we know the answer. No, wax is not digestible, but it will pass through your system without harming you.

Can we make reservations and pay at the door?

No. We do not accept reservations without payment.


Dust off your Sam Spade overcoat, polish up your magnifying glass and see if you can solve the crime...or will you die laughing?

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