How many guests do we need to have at our party for a private show?

The cost for private shows not held at our public venues begins at $1800 for the show only.  We recommend a minimum of 20 guests.  The shows are not a good fit for events with more than 175 guests.  The cost for private shows held at our public venues begins at $58.50 per person, which includes dinner, show, tax, gratuity on meal and non-alcoholic beverages.

How much does a private show cost?

Cost for private shows vary based on venue, month, day of the week, time and number of guests.Offsite Private shows:  Private shows that do not take place at either The Admiral Fell Inn or the Sunset Restaurant start at $2,250.  The Admiral Fell Inn:  Private shows at The Admiral Fell Inn start at $1800 for the show only.  Room, menu and beverage costs are quoted directly by The Admiral Fell Inn.  For more information contact Rob O’Neill at roneill@harbormagic.com or (410) 951-1667.  The Sunset Restaurant:  Private show packages range between $2000-$4000 and include food (3 course meal with choice of 4 entrees), show, tax, gratuity on meal and non-alcoholic beverages.  Private shows are available for groups of 35-55.  Prices vary depending on day of the week, time of year and menu. 

Do you offer shows without a murder?

Poe’s Last Stanza has the same interactive elements as murder mystery, without the murder.

Are your shows appropriate for all ages?

Shows do contain violence and light sexual innuendo. While most of it goes over the head of younger children, we recommend children be at least 12 years old.

What kind of space do you need provided?

GREAT QUESTION! We are very adaptable, but there are a few basic needs. There should be a clear central sightline for all tables. Multiple rooms do not work. Also, we require a small green room space to dress, store props and stash the dead body.

Who do I call / contact if I have a problem / more questions?

Please contact the box office, 443.422.3810 or email cjcrowe@doordiemystery.com

What kinds of props do you provide?

Do or Die provides all props, costumes and the program for the event.

How long is the show?

Shows average 90 minutes, not including meal.

Do the tables need to be set up any certain way?

We prefer tables to be set in a keyhole configuration, allowing a central spot within sightlines of all the tables. We are happy to work with the venue on set up requirements.

Will it be a problem if we are eating during the show?

Buffet style works best for eating during the show. We time the show so that “table talk” time occurs as guests are getting food. Eating can be a problem during a seated meal, as serving and clearing of meal can create distractions.

What is your cancellation / refund policy?

Deposit is not refundable, but can be transferred to another date if the show is cancelled with more than two week’s notice.

If I cancel my show, will I get my deposit back?

No, but it as long as the show is cancelled with more than two week’s notice, the deposit can be applied to another date.

When do we need to choose which murder mystery show will be performed?

You do not need to choose the show at the time of booking. Sometimes it takes time to choose the best show for your group. We will help guide you to the best choice. Show needs to be chosen at least two weeks prior to the performance.


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