Poe’s Last Stanza

Spend an Evening with Edgar Allan Poe


Share stories, poetry and spirits with Baltimore’s Bard. Poe passes the time in a local tavern, matching wits and sharing wisdom with the barmaid. He may even engage in a little verbal sparring with you!

  • History, poetry and laughter combine for a unique interactive experience.
  • Get to know Poe as a person, not just an American icon.

See What Our Viewers Are Saying

“…Poe’s Last Stanza falls into the category of ephemeral theatrical brilliance that will linger on and be remembered by those who were fortunate enough to encounter the performance… -Amanda Gunther of TheatreBloom If you’ve ever felt that you’d like to sit down to have drinks with Edgar Allan Poe, please treat yourself to this show, as you’ll be doing just that. -Cybele Pomeroy of Broadway World Review Being a great fan of Poe, I was very skeptical…then the show started, and I forgot to be skeptical and just got caught up. I swear I feel like I just had a few drinks with Poe. -Kevin Elmont Poe’s Last Stanza as the anchor to this gem of an evening deserves repetition somewhere (or many wheres) in Baltimore, Poe’s final stomping grounds. If you were not among the fortunate 75 or 80 people to have enjoyed its debut, you have missed a rare treat. And that’s a damned shame. -Broadway World Review

Who Is This Show Right For?


  • While there is reference to Poe’s alcohol use and light sexual innuendo in the dialogue, the show is appropriate for all ages.
  • Poe lovers will particularly appreciate the poetry and storyline.
  • Great for tourists and groups looking to experience Baltimore’s rich history.

Poe’s Last Stanza Fans— Important Disclaimer:

We have been made aware that the Annapolis Shakespeare Company website has been using the graphic previously used to promote Poe’s Last Stanza in October of 2014 at Reynold’s Tavern to promote their October 2015 production of a new Poe show at the tavern. To date they have not responded to our request to replace the graphic with a separate and distinct graphic. To avoid any confusion, we feel compelled to issue the following disclaimer: Poe’s Last Stanza was produced by Annapolis Shakespeare Company in October of 2014 for a three day run. The script and direction were donated by playwright CJ Crowe. Poe’s Last Stanza will not be returning to Reynold’s Tavern. We wish to clarify that Poe’s Last Stanza, Do or Die Productions and playwright CJ Crowe are in no way affiliated with Annapolis Shakespeare Company.

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